Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Please do not stop your generous donations for David.Now more than ever, David's hospital bills are pilling up. Use the Paypal link donate and receive one of the DO Magic For David Oliver purple wristband.

Here's exciting news about our friend, David's recovery. And I want to thank Shawn Farquar and the International Brotherhood of Magicians for the video.

This update first from Lisa,


I know many of you have been anxiously awaiting some more news..….it has been a while since the last update because there were no major changes to report.

David and the Doctors have been taking things day by day; each day coming up with a plan of care and making progress.  His recovery has been focused on building up the breathing strength and function of the new lungs and also trying to build up/ recover David’s overall physical strength.

The patience and fortitude has paid off……. As of now, there are no signs of infection or rejection and Doctors feel that the lungs are looking good!   And yesterday, David was able to beat his personal best for assisted walking steps!  These are all good signs that he is making forward progress on the recovery path.

The most significant sign came last night when they moved David from the post transplant room to a general ICU room.  It is not the transplant step down unit yet, but it is still a milestone to be recognized and celebrated!!!   Visitation is still restricted, and although we know many of you are eager to get in and see him, please respect David’s and the Doctors’ requests and refrain from visiting until the appropriate time.  

David sends his love and THANKS for all of the messages and support you have provided thus far! He has been able to check messages and e-mails. He wanted me to express his sincerest apologizes that he has not been able to get back to everyone! (Last count was 800 e-mail in his inbox)  Recovering is exhausted work, but does try to get online and respond when he is able. 

If you would like to send a card or letter, please send it to the address below:

Massachusetts General Hospital
Attention: David Hussey
Fl. 8   Rm. 78
Boston, MA 02114-2622

Thank you as always to you, the incredible cheerleaders!!!!!
Take care,
and here's the IBM video:

David, all our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.

Steve Wronker

PS... I am still looking for photos of everyone wearing your DO Magic For David Oliver purple wristband. Send your photo to me at

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