Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When it comes to writing words about David, they either have already been written or if you know him, no words can describe him. He is the best.

When we, the CCMA, heard about the medical difficulties our friend and fellow member, David, was having, we as a group knew we had to help. We discussed many ideas at our monthly about how to raise money. One of the ideas we knew we could start right away was to use those silicone wristbands that are so popular as part of a major fundraiser. The wristbands are purple in color as this is David's business color as well as inscribed "DO Magic For David Oliver" The DO is also his initials.

As you can see, we have a "DONATE" button set up through Paypal. You do not have to have a Paypal account to use this donation button. You may use most any credit or debit card. We ask your donation be a minimum of $5. For your donation and as our (CCMA) way of saying thank you, we will send you one of the "DO Magic For David Oliver" wristbands. If you want more than one wristband, we would be happy to send one for each $5 you donated. Example: if you made a $20 donation and want 4 wristbands or if you made a $20 and only want one or two, we will accommodate you. Please let us know how many wristbands you want as you use the Paypal donation link. (there is this link under your donation line "Add special instructions to recipient" Click to open this comment box and let us know if you want more than one wristband).

The paypal donation will be sent to Dan Sclare. He is president of CCMA and a very good friend of David. Dan will then send money directly to David.

If you don't already know, the short version of David's situation is that he is suffering from Hypersensitive Pneumonitis, a rare lung disease he contracted from working with his doves for 30 years. No matter how careful he was cleaning and caring for them, his lungs became damaged. He's on oxygen 24/7, and several medications. After three minor surgeries to diagnose and treat it, David is now in need of having both of his lungs transplanted.  To read about David and his illness, in his own words, please refer to Genii Magazine (August 2011) and to read about his career as a magician read his Wikipedia page

Please bookmark this page and feel free to post this URL on Twitter, Facebook, all other social media sites and your email communications with other magicians and friends.

The Central Connecticut Magicians Association and the many magicians that already generously donated, wish to THANK YOU for your generousity and caring in helping not only a fellow magician, but one of the nicest and most respected persons you would ever want to meet.

David has posted a comment below. Please make sure you read it.