Monday, July 8, 2013

Here's the latest update on David Oliver. Yay!!!

"David is doing well. Doctors are very pleased with his progress so far! David is still on oxygen as his body adjusts and the lungs get stronger, but the flow rate is 1-5 liters….. instead of the 40-50 liters that was required pre-transplant. Pretty amazing!

There is still a long road ahead to full recovery. To use an analogy that a nurse used the other day, a lung transplant is not like buying a whole new car; it is more like getting a broken part replaced, for example a busted tire. After the new part has been installed the car doesn’t automatically run perfect. It can take time and care for the rest of the car to adjust to the new part, like needing an alignment.

Doctors are working to adjust David’s medications to reach his personal perfect balance. Physical therapists are working with David daily to strengthen his lungs and his body. The time waiting for lungs and the actual surgery has left David pretty weak and he easily tires, but every day he challenges himself and is making great progress! The hope is that David will continue to do well and may be transferred out of the ICU in a few days. In the meantime, if you wanted to send a card, please send them to the address listed below:

David has started to check his messages again and says he continues to find your well wishes a great source of strength and inspiration, especially on the tougher days and thanks everyone for traveling with him on this incredible journey. Thank you all for your various forms of support!

Take care,

David Oliver
C/O David Hussey
141 Audubon Road, Apt 201,
Weymouth MA, 02188

At the National Convention last week, this was The Society of American Magician's get well message to fellow magician David Oliver. David has successfully undergone a double lung transplant.

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