Saturday, August 17, 2013

Here's a long overdue update on David's progress. This is great news!

Hello Devoted David Followers,

Just  a quick update,  but I am happy to let you know that David was transferred to a rehab facility. This a major milestone on his recovery journey!  It took a little longer than planned because David experienced some minor setbacks, but he and the doctors worked through them and they thought he was ready  leave the hospital and start the next phase of his recovery.

At this facility David will be able to continue to focus diligently on his regaining his strength and learning about/ adjusting to  some of the life changes as a transplant recipient. Recovery after such a long illness and major surgeries  takes time.  Although David is finding it frustrating at times and has his good and bad days, he is still pushing forward. He requests at that this time that visitation remain limited so that he may remain focused on getting stronger so that he may head home.  Thank you for your understanding.

When will David be home?  Still not quite sure, the Doctors at the Rehab facility still need to evaluate his specific case and determine what is the best course of action to speed along his recovery. It is a long term care facility so I am assuming (and this is just me) that it will be at least a couple of weeks.

As always, thank you form the bottom of our hearts (David, mine, and rest of family’s)  for all the love and support you have shown him thus far!!!!

If you would like to send a card or correspondence, the new address is as follows:
David Oliver – Hussey
Spaulding Rehab Hospital
3rd Floor South – Rm 305
1575 Cambridge St
Cambridge MA 02183

Take care!


Some more exciting news to report:
Brian Foshee of Happy Amp fame is also helping David out by donating proceeds from a Marty Hahne tshirt he designed. I am late in writing this as some size tshirts are out of stock, but maybe if more people want to buy these, he could reorder them.

Brian writes: I just couldn't resist making this shirt!!! So I contacted Marty Hahne and he said OK! We agreed all proceeds will go to David Oliver (fellow magi and teacher of mine from Tannen's Magic Camp) for his lung transplant.

If you have not yet seen the national news coverage Marty Hahne and his rabbit has made with his USDA rabbit disaster relief plan check out some of the articles here-

Pick your size at check out-


Last but not forgotten: If you want to be part of "Team Purple" and support David and help him out with mounting medical bills, you can make a donation (at top right of this page). For a minimum donation of $5.00 we would be happy to send you a purple wristband you may proudly wear to show your support for David. (See past posts to view photos of others that wear this wristband.) Please send me more photos of you wearing them to include in future posts. here are the latest group of photos:

SAM Assembly 17, Springfield, Massachusetts

Santa himself. (Tom Gentile, Dean of Assembly 17)

Marlene Clark & Dan Sclare (SAM Secretary & Life Membership Chairman, respectively)


Thanks again, everyone, for taking the time and interest in reading this blog. Please pass the link to this blog on to friends, fellow performers and everyone else you can think of. Even tho David is on the path to recovery, and we all can't wait until he is on stage again, his financial problems are still here. PLEASE DONATE what you can. If you have already donated, please donate again. Every $5 helps and if you can, please donate more.

Go Team Purple !

Steve Wronker

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